United Multicultural Centre (UMCC) is a registered charity with a well-established reputation for making a difference in communities for the last thirty -eight years. We are a well-established organisation: locally, regionally and nationally. The centre was started with the aim of “ Bringing together communities to share common goals and to help build a better and more positive future for all”, and we are proud to say that UMCC still firmly believes in this aim and is working hard to achieve this in the communities which reflects our recent success in gaining for the third time the Investors in People award.

Work is currently based around a number of different project streams, including Stronger Communities, Women’s Centenary Project funded by the Government Office, Skills for Life, Sports Activities and After School Homework club for young people, Employability, Confidence Building, Leadership Course. Qualifications including English for speakers of other languages, basic level to accredited because we are also an accredited centre with Trinity College London and City and Guilds. Last three years we are running various projects with new immigrants, Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Eastern Europeans men, women young people and families.

In order to reach the aim UMCC has strategically designed the following objectives.

  • To create cultural awareness within the wider community in Rotherham
  • To encourage inactive groups to take part in social/community activities
  • To advance basic literacy, numeracy and ICT skills among non-English speaking adults
  • To empower marginalised women in the community.

Being a voluntary sector organisation, we are committed to the wider community. We offer many forms of training to the public, helping the community gain skills and qualifications to either enter employment or skills for life.

UMCC offers a wide range of activities and services to the local community, with a particular strength in delivering innovative women’s projects and increasing women’s participation in all parts of community life. We have delivered women’s education programmes since the 1980’s from English language classes to help women integrate in the host society to confidence building and leadership courses. UMCC works closely with Rotherham Borough Council and other voluntary organisations in Rotherham in terms of providing training, raising awareness and encouraging integration.

Over the last thirty-eight years thousands of men and women regardless of colour, nationality, gender and religion have benefited from our services and support and we remain committed to making a positive difference within our local communities.

For the last fifteen years we have been delivering projects and programmes designed to engage children and young people whilst supporting mental health and marginalisation. We have worked towards integration and independence with a focus on how health and wellbeing are an important part of this. Our work with children and young people has also been motivated by a need to address anti-social behavioural issues. UMCC also provides family intervention sessions to bringing the families and children together.

With such increasing demand for our services the centre is in desperate need of repair for us to fully accommodate our service users.  Due to the recent harsh weather conditions it as caused a lot of problems in the building with   the roof leaking and water streaming down the walls.  We have had a Visual Construction Survey of UMCC from a qualified surveyor for the repairs which are needed urgently therefore were we started exploring funding opportunity for the repair and maintenance of the building. We have applied for the funding from Veolia Environmental Trust for £45,000 we have been successful for the first stage and now we have applied for the second stage the only issue is the 10% match funding because our other funding is restricted so we can not use it for this purpose that’s why we are putting in this request for £5,000 match funding this is our last hope to repair the building.