Services now for over 30 YEARS

The United Multi-Cultural Centre has been in service now for over 30 YEARS. We are a well-established organisation; Locally, Regionally and Nationally. Our aim and objective is to integrate the community regardless of colour, creed or nationality, our mission statement is ‘Bringing together communities to share common goals and to help build a better and more positive future for all’.

Being a public sector organisation, we are committed to the wider community. We offer many forms of training to the public and thrive ourselves on providing the best service we can. Helping the community gain skills and qualifications to either enter employment or gain experience through training, information, advice, guidance and support we offer them. We primarily aim to spend time with individuals to help them understand and listen to what they enquire about. We engage in one-to-one talks and explain to the individual what we can offer them to help, if there is a situation where we cannot help then we signpost the individual to an organisation who can provide them with the training or support they need. If visitors feel more comfortable or at ease, we offer group talks also.

The primary goal of the UMCC is to deliver training and build on peoples skills to enable them to integrate into society and confidence building. This is an opportunity for the community to get back into work and gain qualifications that they never had the courage to do before. Beneficiaries enjoy our welcoming and friendly atmosphere where they can learn with friends and family and purely enjoy the experience of learning. Learners and staff share their own goals and enjoy being in the Centre. We run a variety of projects involving the service users.

UMCC celebrated twenty-five years of success in June 2009. We have come a long way since then and at times it has not been an easy journey but we wanted to celebrate our achievements and success and share it with our communities, so we fixed a date and our celebration started on 8th August 2009. We held a leadership dinner for 250 guests with the help and support of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Awards for All and local Businesses sponsored the event which were Chamber of Commerce, Yorkshire Windows, Goldstar Taxi and Morthyng. This was an award ceremony for previous members of the centre for their achievements and success in employment.