“Just like to thank you for the help and support you have given me whilst I have been out of work.”

  • Craig Bacon
    “Would just like to say that everyone is always so friendly and helpful.”

  • Wayne
    “Good services, keep up the good work to all UMCC staff.”

  • Imran
    “It has been a joy working with everyone at the UMCC for the past 9 months. Thank you for everything.”

  • Maria
    “UMCC is great, everyone is really polite and welcoming, it is a comfortable place to work.”

  • Sarah
    “Today I enjoyed doing the graffiti, it was really fun. A lot of kids enjoyed it.”

  • Haleem
    “As I was waiting anxiously for my interview the reception staff were very welcoming and all of the information displayed is very interesting and knowledgeable. I also noticed so many ladies attending the relevant classes which I found very interesting and was happy to see this organisation. Good luck and keep up the good work, I’m sure it’s appreciated greatly.”

  • Shaina Hussain
    “Was greeted with respect and made to feel very welcome. All staff are very pleasant.”

  • Kath Parkinson
    “I think that the welcome and arrival is very professional and enquiries are dealt with promptly. The reception is busy and well organised.”
  • Saffina
    “First time I visited the centre was for an interview with Mrs Qureshi, very interesting and encouraging.”